Routing number for All Banks and Credit Unions

Banks starting with letter "U"

U. S. Century Bank U.s. Bank Na
Ubank Ubank
Ubs Bank Usa Uinta Bank
Ulster Savings Bank Ultima Bank Minnesota
Umb Bank Na Umpqua Bank
Unb Bank Unibank
Unibank For Savings Unico Bank
Unified Bank Union Bank Tn
Union Bank Union Bank Mi
Union Bank Union Bank & Trust Company
Union Bank & Trust Company Tn Union Bank And Trust Company
Union Bank And Trust Company Mn Union Bank Of Blair
Union Bank Of Sparta Union Bank, Inc.
Union County Savings Bank Union Federal Savings And Loan Association
Union National Bank And Trust Company Of Elgin Union Savings And Loan Association In
Union Savings Bank Ct Union Savings Bank Il
Union Savings Bank Union State Bank Ia
Union State Bank Uniontown Ks Union State Bank
Union State Bank Greenfield Ia Union State Bank Clay Center Ks
Union State Bank Ks Union State Bank Of Browns Valley
Union State Bank Of Fargo Union State Bank Of Hazen
Union State Bank Of West Salem Unison Bank
United Bank Ga United Bank
United Bank Ar United Bank Ct
United Bank Al United Bank & Trust
United Bank & Trust Na United Bank And Trust Company
United Bank Of El Paso Del Norte United Bank Of Iowa
United Bank Of Michigan United Bank Of Philadelphia
United Bank Of Union United Bankers' Bank
United Business Bank United Citizens Bank & Trust Company
United Citizens Bank Of Southern Kentucky United Community Bank La
United Community Bank Il United Community Bank Mn
United Community Bank Ia United Community Bank
United Community Bank Of North Dakota United Community Bank Of West Kentucky, Inc.
United Cumberland Bank United Farmers State Bank
United Fidelity Bank, Fsb United Midwest Savings Bank Na
United Minnesota Bank United Mississippi Bank
United National Bank United Orient Bank
United Pacific Bank United Prairie Bank
United Republic Bank United Roosevelt Savings Bank
United Savings Bank United Security Bank Mo
United Security Bank United Southern Bank Ky
United Southern Bank United Southwest Bank
United State Bank United Texas Bank
United Trust Bank United Valley Bank
Unity Bank Wi Unity Bank
Unity National Bank Of Houston Universal Bank
University Bank Univest Bank And Trust Co.
Upper Peninsula State Bank Us Metro Bank
Usaa Federal Savings Bank Usaa Savings Bank
Usny Bank Utah Independent Bank
Uwharrie Bank

Federal Credit Unions starting with letter "U"

U A P Employees U B C Southern Council Industria Wo
U F C W Local 1776 U S #1364
U S Court House Sdny U S Employees
U S P L K Employees U S Pipe Bessemer Employees
U S Postal Service U T U
U 1st Community U Haul
U. F. C. W. Local #72 U. H. S. Employees
U. S. Employees U. S. Employees Tx
U. S. Employees O. C. U. S. I.
U. T. U.a.l.u. 354
U.f.c.w. Local 23 U.p. Connection
U.p. Employees U.p. State
U.p.s. U.p.s. Employees
U.s. Eagle U.s.b. Employees
Uark Uaw Mo Kan
Ubc Ufcw Community
Ufirst Uintah Credit Union
Ukrainian Ukrainian National
Ukrainian Selfreliance Ukrainian Selfreliance Michigan
Ukrainian Selfreliance New England Ukrainian Selfreliance Of West. Pa.
Ulster Umassfive College
Umatilla County Ume
Umico Uncle
Unified Communities Unified Homeowners Of Illinois
Unify Financial Unilever
Union Union Baptist Church
Union Baptist Greenburgh Union Building Trades
Union Congregational Union County Employees
Union Fidelity Union Memorial
Union Of Poles In America Union Pacific California Emp
Union Pacific Employees Union Pacific Streamliner
Union Square Union Trades
Union Yes Unison
Unite United Ks
United Il United Tx
United Mo United Ia
United United 1st
United Advantage Nw United America West
United Arkansas United Association
United Bay Community United Business & Industry
United Catholics United Churches
United Community United Community Il
United Community Tx United Consumers
United Educators United Employees
United Energy United Equity Credit Union
United Financial United Heritage
United Hospital Center United Investors
United Labor United Local
United Members United Methodist
United Methodist Connectional United Methodist Financial Credit U
United Methodist First Choice United Methodist Of Mississippi
United Nations United Neighborhood
United Neighbors United Northwest
United Poles United Police
United Savers Trust United Savings
United Southeast United States Senate
United Teletech Financial United Texas
Unitedone Unitus Community
Unity Unity Nj
Unity Catholic Unity One
Universal Ks Universal
Universal 1 Universal City Studios
Universal Coop University Nd
University Fl University Me
University University & Community
University & State Employees University Credit Union
University First University Of Hawaii
University Of Illinois Community University Of Kentucky
University Of Louisiana University Of Michigan
University Of Nebraska University Of Pennsylvania Students
University Of South Alabama University Of Toledo
University Of Va Community Cu University Of Wisconsin
University Settlement Uniwyo
Uno Up Arkansas
Upper Cumberland Upper Darby Belltelco
Ups Employees Upstate
Upstate Milk Employees Upstate Telco
Upward Urban Upbound
Urbana Municipal Employees Ure
Urw Community Us Community
Us Weather Bureau Ny Usagencies
Usalliance Usc
Usem Mena Usf Federal Credit Union
Usne Penitentiary Employees Ussco Johnstown
Usx Utah
Utah Community Utah First
Utah Heritage Utah Power
Utah Prison Employees Utica District Telephone Employees
Utica Gas & Electric Emp Utica Police Department
Utilities Utilities Employees
Utility District Utility Employees

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ABA Routing Number: Routing numbers are also referred to as "Check Routing Numbers", "ABA Numbers", or "Routing Transit Numbers" (RTN). The ABA routing number is a 9-digit identification number assigned to financial institutions by The American Bankers Association (ABA). This number identifies the financial institution upon which a payment is drawn. Routing numbers may differ depending on where your account was opened and the type of transaction made. Each routing number is unique to a particular bank, large banks may have more than one routing number for different states.

ACH Routing Number: ACH Routing Number stands for Automated Clearing House (ACH). This routing number is used for electronic financial transactions in the United States. ACH helps to improves payment processing efficiency and accuracy, and reduce expenses. Banks offer ACH services for businesses who want to collect funds and make payments electronically in batches through the national ACH network. ACH routing number is a nine digit number. The first four digits identify the Federal Reserve district where the bank is located. The next four numbers identify the specific bank. The last number is called as a check digit number which is a confirmation number. ACH Routing Numbers are used for direct deposit of payroll, dividends, annuities, monthly payments and collections, federal and state tax payments etc.

Fedwire Routing Number: Fedwire Transfer service is the fastest method for transferring funds between business account and other bank accounts. It is used for domestic or international transactions in which no cash or check exchange is involved, but the account balance is directly debited electronically and the funds are transferred to another account in real time. To complete a wire transfer, the sender must provide his bank name and account number of the recipient, the receiving account number, the city and state of the receiving bank and the bank's routing number.